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Our Technicians

We have gathered a team of reliable agricultural machinery technicians that are always ready to help you.

Who We Are

For more than 20 years, FixIt’s team has been servicing new and used tractors and other agricultural machinery, while also offering a wide variety of replacement parts for them.


Why choose us

100% Warranty

We provide a full warranty on all tractor repair and maintenance services that FixIt’s team provides.

Modern tools

FixIt uses the latest equipment in the repair of tractors, combine harvesters and other machinery.

We work fast

We guarantee quick results as our team works fast to make your agricultural equipment fully functional.

Own Parts Store

Our replacement parts store offers a variety of parts for tractors, combines, and mowers of all brands.

About FixIt

since 1999, we have been delivering quality tractor repair services
FixIt was founded with the intention of providing agricultural machinery repair services of the top level so that even small farmers could have their equipment fully functional.
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Being a global leader in providing quality tractor repair services
Our company aims to be your preffered partner in tractor and combine repairs by achieving excellence in everything we do. We also strive to remain customer-oriented.
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We aim to help our customers maintain their agricultural machinery

We help our customers succeed by providing premier repair & maintenance solutions for a wide variety of agricultural machinery through teamwork and professional excellence.
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